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MailFlipz FAQ for Email Senders

Q: How does MailFlipz benefit me, an email sender? Why should I use MailFlipz?

A: With MailFlipz you will never again have to worry that your bulk email, newsletters, and other mailing list email won't make it to your subscribers.

MailFlipz is the only system that can guarantee you 100% inbox deliverability!

With MailFlipz, your email is guaranteed to make it to each and every subscriber no matter what is in your email. That's because instead of your bulk mail trying to push its way past all of the barriers and hurdles that the ISPs put up, your email is placed directly in your users' inbox!

Experience the freedom and relief of not having to worry about whether your content will keep your email from being delivered!

Q: Does MailFlipz REALLY bypass all of the spam filters, junk folders, and email blocks?

A: Yes! It really does!

Q: How does MailFlipz manage to endrun the ISPs and avoid all of that spam filtering that trips up my legitimate email??

A: First, it's important to understand how email traditionally works. When you send email, it goes from your computer out to your ISP (Internet service provider). Your ISP will usually run your email through their own internal spam checking before sending it out. Then, if your email manages to get past your own ISP's spam checks, your ISP transmits it to your recipient's ISP, which runs your email through all of their own spam filters and checks (usually many more than what your own ISP did before passing it on). Any number of things, through any number of types of spam filtering algorithms, may trip up your email - anything from using the 'wrong' word, to including too much HTML, or the wrong link, to the phase of the moon or the alignment of the planets, can keep your email from being delivered to the inbox.

But with MailFlipz, your email doesn't run the gamut of spam filters, junk folders, and black holes waiting to send your email off-course. In fact, your email never goes through your users' ISP at all! Instead, a copy of your mailing list email goes to a unique MailFlipz address, and we store a copy of that email on our MailFlipz server. Then, all of your MailFlipz enabled users fetch your email automatically, from our server - directly into their inbox. No spam filters, no junk folders, no kidding!

The difference is that your users pull your email from us, instead of your own email system trying to push it through all of the spam filters and into the ISP inbox!

Q: It must be complicated to set up MailFlipz then, right?

A: No! Setting up MailFlipz is as simple as adding one additional email address to any mailing list that you want to set up with MailFlipz! Then you just give your users a single link that provides them with the location of your MailFlipz email! It's that easy!

Q: I consider my list of email addresses very valuable. Will users still give me their email address if they don't need it to get my email through MailFlipz?

A: Many senders are finding that mailing lists full of email addresses that they can't send to are less valuable than the certainty of knowledge that their email is getting through with MailFlipz. That said, you can certainly require that users give you their email address before you give them the MailFlipz subscription information. A very simple way to do this is to email them the MailFlipz information.

Q: I rely heavily on HTML, both for providing links to click through, and for tracking open rates by using images. Will this still work in MailFlipz?

A: Yes, absolutely.

The MailFlipz technology is free to all beta test senders for the duration of the beta period. Beta testers will also get special consideration on post-beta pricing.

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