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Reading MailFlipz Email is So Easy! Here's How!

Welcome to MailFlipz - the service that's turning email on its head!

Exercise full control over your mailing lists subscriptions! Turn them on and off at will - whenever you want!

You don't even have to give them your email address!

And best of all - it's FREE!

Get the Mailing List Email You Want - When You Want It - Nothing More, Nothing Less!

Are you tired of having the mailing list mail you want tripped up by spam filters or ending up in the junk folder?

Or how about this - don't you hate it when you sign up for one mailing list, and end up getting three others that you never requested?

MailFlipz Changes All That and Puts You In the Driver's Seat!

Using MailFlipz guarantees that your email subscriptions will get into your inbox right on your computer. And that nothing else will! Where you want them, when you want them.

Never Worry About Having to Notify Your Mailing Lists About A Change of Email Address Again!

Using MailFlipz means that you will never again have to worry about notifying all of your subscriptions if you change your email address. You can change your email address a dozen times and your subscriptions will still find you!

Manage All of Your Mailing List Email at Once - All Organized and Sorted for You Automatically!

With MailFlipz all of your mailing lists that you subscribe to are organized and sorted for you, automatically! No more having to deal with - sort and file - dozens of different mailing list messages every day!

Unsubscribing is Completely Under Your Control!

When you are ready to unsubscribe from a mailing list through MailFlipz, you just uncheck a box, and that's it - you're done! Want to resubscribe? Just check the box again!

Look for the MailFlipz Subscription Option with All of Your Email Subscriptions!

And if they don't already offer it, send them here!

Ready to Get Started? It's Free!

MailFlipz subscribers have the choice of having their MailFlipz subscriptions go directly into their existing email inbox, to a small desktop inbox (available for all Windows systems), or to a companion browser window inbox whenever they check their Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail account!

Click here to get started!

Have questions or comments? Just drop us a note at support@suretymail.com!

MailFlipz is currently in beta.

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